Proudly serving a diverse clientele including corporate offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and retail spaces. Our solutions have empowered businesses across industries to thrive in their environments with enhanced efficiency and security.

Best-in-class security solutions

Protecting your business requires multi-faceted security solutions;

Understanding current and emerging threats
Identifying the assets that need protecting
Assessing risk, vulnerabilities and exposures
Implementing appropriate controls to mitigate any exposures
Future planning: developing pro-active, intelligence-led and risk-based security solutions
Penda Security delivers world-class security outcomes for our clients across all industry sectors. Our core security service offer has evolved to counter current and emerging security threats.

Our Core Services Includes

Security Personnel

From foot patrols and waking watches, to the provision of concierge and stewarding; our solution is tailored to suit your sector, threat profile and risk appetite.

Security Systems

Market-leading temporary CCTV solutions and analytics for high-risk sites.

Body Guards

Our professional bodyguards at Penda Security offer unmatched security and peace of mind, prioritizing your safety with utmost discretion and diligence

Mobile Security

From keyholding to drive-by patrols, we have a full range of mobile patrol and response solutions.


Our bouncers at Penda Security provide robust crowd control and safety, ensuring a secure and enjoyable atmosphere for your events and venues.

Security Technology

Innovative technologies for permanent fire, intruder, CCTV, access, and intruder solutions.

Gun Man

Our trained gunmen at Penda Security are dedicated to safeguarding your security, applying their expertise to protect with precision and vigilance.

Warehouse Security

Our warehouse security personnel at Penda Security guarantee the safety and integrity of your inventory, offering vigilant protection for your assets and peace of mind.

Background Verification

Our background verification services at Penda Security ensure comprehensive, accurate, and confidential vetting, enabling confident hiring and decision-making.

Security Consulting Services & Risk Management

Specialist security and asset protection consultancy services, including Information Security, Cyber Resilience, Loss Prevention and Sensitive Investigations.


South India’s leading Security & Facility Services provider
ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Headquartered at Chennai.

Efficiency & High Standards

Set the benchmark for quality standards

Site Survey & Security procedures

Assess scope for improvement

We understand your business is DIFFERENT

One size does not fit all. Security solutions must add value, be an enabler for growth and positively contribute to your wider business strategy.

Penda subject matter experts bring a new, fresh approach to security management. We don’t just concentrate on your perimeter, we assess your entire organisation and consider all threat vectors including;

  • Malicious Insider
  • Malicious Outsider
  • Careless Insider

Services We Offer


Armed and Unarmed Guard

Corporate and Event Guarding



Background Checks

Verification with the concerned Jurisdictional Police station

Security Systems

Confidential Enquires

Video surveillance

Fire Alarm system

Antecedent Enquires

Access Control Systems

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Penda Group has a rich history that spans over a decade. It was founded in 2008 as a partnership firm. Later converted into a Private Limited company on 20th August 2009. Penda Marketing emerged on the same year, while facilities and Business support services division came into existence on the 27th of August 2021 as Penda Private Limited.

Services We Offer


  • Facilities Management
  • Business Support Services
  • Security Guard Services
  • Building Material Services
  • CleanCart Car wash Services
  • Redglee

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